When John opened the door, he saw a clean-cut, well-dressed gentleman on his front stoop. He introduced himself as Dave. Dave wiggled the railing on the steps and told John that he was doing work for other neighbors and wanted to stop by and introduce himself and offer his company’s handyman services to fix things up around the house. The first thing he noticed was the loose hand railing and John knew this was an issue. Especially since his wife, Sandy, used it to balance as she went down the steps. He was definitely interested in hiring Dave’s company to help out with a few small tasks.

John and Sandy lived on a small budget so he was concerned about the pricing for the assistance and Dave said that he would give them a special senior citizen discount and that any major work he could help them with financing. John allowed Dave to walk around the outside of the home and Dave had a ladder to inspect the roof. When he came down, he told John that some shingles were loose and he was concerned about leaking. John invited Dave inside and showed him where the drywall on the ceiling was loose and there was a water stain from a leak. Dave told John he would likely need a roof replacement and that he would be able to do the roof project for $3,000. John knew they needed it but was unsure how he could pay for it, and he also realized that price seemed too low.

Dave said he had a solution and the next day he brought over paperwork for financing. John understood contracts and when he read this, he saw it was filled out for $30,000 instead of $3,000 and the interest rate was filled in as 30%. John knew this was not a good contract so he asked Dave to leave it so that he and his wife could read it over and decide. Dave was a bit pushy about it but did relent and left the contract there.

Later that day, their care manager stopped by for her weekly visit with Sandy. Since Sandy’s return home after rehab and physical therapy from a broken ankle, the family had asked the care manager to visit 2 times a week. When the care manager read the contract, she fully agreed with John that something fishy was going on. John called Dave to let him know that they would not be signing the contract. Dave was very angry and said that he was not going to help them with anything, and they would have to suffer the consequences of their leaking roof.

Fortunately, the care manager knew a reputable handyman who was able to fix the handrail and help find a reliable roofing company. It ended up that the homeowner’s insurance policy on the house was able to pay for the roof except for the $500 deductible because the roof had been damaged in a recent windstorm. This all came as a huge relief to John and Sandy. Having the second set of eyes to confirm the scam and then the connections the care manager knew about made having her assist was invaluable and helped avoid a major financial mistake.

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