Genada’s Helping Hands is available to support those living in the DMV Metro area. Gemena Murchison is the owner, advocate, and licensed social worker who created and named Genada’s Helping Hands after her grandmother. Raised in an environment where everyone was welcomed and cared for, she is so happy to be able to support families facing aging challenges in the community.

As a Healthcare Advocate, Gemena works with families and their aging loved ones to navigate care. With our complex healthcare system, it can be difficult to determine what the next steps can be to get the best possible care. There may be new crises and diagnoses, ongoing chronic illnesses, or cognitive decline, memory loss, and dementia. Families are often overwhelmed and need an advocate who knows the services available to them. Gemena knows the services as well as the steps to take for quality care. She also knows how to handle challenges and issues that arise through the process.

Recently, Gemena had to come to the aid of her own mother who was rehabilitating after a hospitalization and the care she was receiving was not up to the standards that any of us would expect. She implemented her skills to take immediate action to rectify the situation which included traveling out of state to put boots on the ground and handle the situation. It took a lot of smart thinking and contacting the right people to rectify the situation. With her social work and care management skills, she was able to be the fierce advocate needed and saved her mother from a bad situation. If you need someone on your side to make sure that a challenge is fully handled, Gemena is that person!

When you hire support from Genada’s Helping Hands, you will have access to the following solutions:

  • Advocacy – managing the fine balance between gathering all of the information necessary to make decisions and understanding the needs of the client and the providers to support the cause and bring others together in support of the cause.
  • Care Consulting – Assess the situation, create a care plan, manage the steps in the plan, coordinate and monitor all provided services, communicate with all involved persons, advocate for care changes as they arise, and watch for changes that will affect the future.
  • Communication & Coordination – Collect, review, and organize all medical information, coordinate services both in-home and out-of-the-home, collaborate with in-home care agencies, refer to specialists, be available as an emergency contact, teach family members how to advocate, provide family caregiver support and relief, become the eyes and ears on the ground, and communicate on a regular basis.
  • Healthcare Navigation – prepare for and accompany to medical appointments, facilitate getting second opinions, ease transitions between care facilities and home, coordinate all medical providers, monitor hospital bedside care, visit individuals in facilities, evaluate appropriate housing options, recommend in-home services, and manage moving transitions as care needs change.
  • Memory Loss & Dementia Care – explain the diagnosis, assess health and living conditions, create a plan of care, attend physician and other service appointments, arrange additional needed services, monitor for changes in functions, communicate with all involved.

Have a full-service care manager as your Healthcare Advocate means that your loved one is going to receive the highest quality of care possible. Please reach out for your free 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs and see how Gemena can help you!